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T TWD – The basic two wheel drive URAL

T TWD – Terracotta Satin

The pictures of our T TWD Terracotta Satin show standard equipment.

URAL introduced a low priced basic sidecar model with two wheel drive engageable – The URAL T TWD. Many details of the URAL motorcycle combination have been continuously improved over the last few years. Of course, this investment in quality has led to an increase of the retail price.

The lower price has been achieved by reducing the equipment to the basics in the same way Henry Ford did with his Model T.
The URAL T TWD does not have a rear passenger seat, spare wheel, engine protectors, windshields, etc...

The low entry level price compares favorably to the price of a second-hand URAL motorcycle. Low mileage, nearly new, second-hand URAL motorcycles are scarce in Europe. Obviously customers who buy the URAL, do so for a life-time. Once you have one, you won’t give it away again.

A well-cared for URAL motorcycle retains its value admirably.

With the model T, the Ford Company had the biggest selling car world-wide over a long time period. URAL produced the most popular factory-built motorcycle with sidecar until the middle of the 90’s. With the URAL T TWD, URAL wants to replicate this success in market leadership.

T TWD – Slate Grey

The images of the T TWD Slate Grey present following upgrades compared to standard specification:
Duro tires instead of Heidenau K28, double seat bench instead of 2/3 seat




1 Ural Slate Grey

Slate Grey

2 Ural Terracotta satin

Terracotta Satin

3 Ural Flat Green

Flat Green

5 Ural Northwest Grey

Northwest Grey

4 Ural Bronze satin

Bronze Satin

6 Ural Terracotta metallic

Terracotta Metallic

7 Ural IKB Blue

IKB Blue

8 Ural Pearl White

Pearl White

Technical Specifications


Type: Flat twin engine, air cooled, 4-stroke

Bore/stroke: 78 x 78 mm

Cylinder capacity: 745 ccm

Engine power: 30 kW at 5,500 rpm

Max. torque: 55 Nm at 4,300 rpm

Mixture control: Electronic fuel injection

Max speed: approx. 105 km/h

Ignition: Electronic

CO2 Emissions: 87 g/km


Clutch: Dry double disc

Gearbox: 4 speed plus 1 reverse

Final drive: Bevel gear with drive shaft

Starter: Electric starter plus kick starter


Frame: Double loop steel tube

Front suspension: Leading link forks with

hydraulic shock absorbers - 7 times adjustable

Rear suspension: Double sided swinging arm with

hydraulic shock absorbers - 7 times adjustable

Sidecar suspension: Single sided swinging arm with

hydraulic shock absorbers - 7 times adjustable

Wheels: 3 cross-spoked wheels, interchangeable

Rims: 2.15 x 19

Tires: Road tires 4.00 x 19 Heidenau K28

Brakes: Disc brakes on all wheels


Mass in running order: 330 kg

Max. laden mass: 635 kg

Max. towable mass: 173 kg

Max. mass at the coupling point: 12 kg

Length / width / height:  2,580 / 1,700 / 1,100 mm 

Seat height: 790 mm

Tank capacity: 19 l, 98 Octane super

Fuel consumption: 4.4 l / 100 km


Slate Grey

Terracotta Satin

Flat Green

Bronze Satin

Northwest Grey

Terracotta Metallic

IKB Blue

Pearl White

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