Basically our models are all equipped with 750 cc engines. The 750 cc engine was introduced in 2002. Before Ural had a 650 cc engine. The first Urals also had a 750 cc engine but very old SV technology. In 2014 Ural introduced electronic fuel injection, and disc brake on all three wheels.

You can choose between sidecar motorcycles WITHOUT sidecar drive and motorcycles WITH sidecar drive:

URAL sidecars "WITHOUT" sidecar drive



URAL cT is a very basic version and is equipped with 18“ wheels, introduced in 2015.


The URAL T is the "standard" of a Ural sidecar motorcycle. It comes on 19" wheels. Both cT and T are delivered with leading link fork on front. In England the URAL T is called "Dalesman".

URAL sidecars "WITH" sidecar drive


URAL Sportsman

URAL Ranger

These 3 models are basically the same, the differences are equipment.

URAL T TWD is the basic version, pure and straight.

URAL Ranger is Ural’s top model with Two Wheel Drive. Designed always with a military look. More in Sand Camo version, less military in single-colored Asphalt and Olive green. All Rangers come with special military features which the Sportsman does not have.

The URAL Sportsman is the "civil" version of the Ranger, it is painted in "normal" colors like black with white pin stripes or green metallic


All URAL have:

- Reverse gear

- Since 2014 hydraulic disc brake on all 3 wheel,

  since 2017 the three wheels are interchangeable

- Valid EU Type Approval EURO 5 emissions