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CROSS – For the sports or world trip

Cross – Black

The pictures of the Cross show accessories (surcharge):

engine protection, jerry can, first aid box, spade

URAL in Cross Country Trim

URAL motorcycles have evolved slowly and steadily since their birth in 1941. Major changes do not happen often, but about every 10 years there are noticeable technical improvements including 12 volt electrics, better lighting, improved brakes, more power, and reverse gear.


During this development the shape and style of the sidecar body has not changed.

The introduction of the all new “URAL Cross” sidecar body, developed by the European distributor is truly revolutionary. The “URAL Cross” sidecar has been developed as a result of customer demand in Europe for more focused adventure motorcycle. A sidecar capable of carrying more varied loads over rough terrain, snow covered mountains and even competing in amateur off road competition.


For off road competition it is not necessary to have a well-padded, comfortable seat for the passenger. The “URAL Cross” has multiple hand-holds as it is important that the passenger can move around acting as a co-pilot to add stability and traction when needed in competition events.

The adventurous rider considering an around the world trip has slightly different requirements. The “URAL Cross” has secure lockable storage as well as a large flat open loading area with plenty of tie down points for awkward loads. The moveable co-pilot grab bar quickly converts the URAL cross sidecar into a cargo sidecar.


From 2023, the "URAL Cross" will only be available with a switchable sidecar drive, but in 8 standard colors. However, the cases of the Cross sidecar made of aluminum are always unpainted.


For those who already own a URAL combination the “URAL Cross” sidecar body is available separately. Simply unbolt the standard body and replace it with the new “URAL Cross” body. The combination is then ready for your adventure in any weather. If you want to carry your passengers in more comfort again, simply swap the sidecar bodies over.


for URAL Ranger:


1 Ural Slate Grey

Slate Grey

2 Ural Terracotta satin

Terracotta Satin

3 Ural Flat Green

Flat Green

5 Ural Northwest Grey

Northwest Grey

4 Ural Bronze satin

Bronze Satin

6 Ural Terracotta metallic

Terracotta Metallic

7 Ural IKB Blue

IKB Blue

8 Ural Pearl White

Pearl White

Technical Specifications Cross TWD


Type: Flat twin engine, air cooled, 4-stroke

Bore/stroke: 78 x 78 mm

Cylinder capacity: 745 ccm

Engine power: 30 kW at 5,500 rpm

Max. torque: 55 Nm at 4,300 rpm

Mixture control: Electronic fuel injection

Max speed: approx. 105 km/h

Ignition: Electronic

CO2 Emissions: 87 g/km


Clutch: Dry double disc

Gearbox: 4 speed plus 1 reverse

Final drive: Bevel gear with drive shaft,

engageable sidecar drive shaft

Starter: Electric starter plus kick starter


Frame: Double loop steel tube

Front suspension: Leading link forks with

hydraulic shock absorbers - 7 times adjustable

Rear suspension: Double sided swinging arm with

hydraulic shock absorbers - 7 times adjustable

Sidecar suspension: Single sided swinging arm with

hydraulic shock absorbers - 7 times adjustable

Wheels: 3 cross-spoked wheels, interchangeable

Rims: 2.15 x 19

Tires: Cross-country tires 4.00 x 19

Brakes: Disc brakes on all wheels


Mass in running order: 346 kg

Max. laden mass: 635 kg

Max. towable mass: 173 kg

Max. mass at the coupling point: 12 kg

Length / width / height:  2,580 / 1,700 / 1,100 mm  

Seat height: 790 mm

Tank capacity: 19 l, 98 Octane super

Fuel consumption: 4.4 l / 100 km


Slate Grey

Terracotta Satin

Flat Green

Bronze Satin

Northwest Grey

Terracotta Metallic

IKB Blue

Pearl White

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