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MODEL 2020


2020, the year we all would like to pretend never happened! Probably for the best it will be over soon. But before it ends we wanted to treat you to something awesome and so we are going to launch a URAL limited edition, something eagerly awaited by a lot of people. The last 20 motorcycles of season 2020 are going to arrive at the URAL headquarter in December and they are called 'RED OCTOBER II'.


In 2010 we asked ourselves if RED OCTOBER would turn out to be a sub-marine (see also, but now we know RED OCTOBER was one of the most sought after URAL limited edition models and therefore we celebrate the tenth anniversary with a reissue.

Ural Roter Oktober II Tunnel 9-2

In design and equipment of this year's RED OCTOBER we adhere closely to the original. RED OCTOBER II is also kept in black and red, a versatile motorcycle combination with rear-wheel drive (sidecar without Two Wheel Drive), 18 inch wheels with black chrome-plated spokes. For the original version of RED OCTOBER we combined the chassis of model Tourist with the low slung sidecar of model Retro. RED OCTOBER was therefore the predecessor of model cT.


RED OCTOBER II is a model cT:

- black engine

- slender black exhaust pipes

- luggage rack on the sidecar trunk

- jaunty little box on the rear of the sidecar

- strong bumper on the nose of it

- round lights on the sidecar and the rear of the motorcycle

are equipment traits RED OCTOBER and RED OCTOBER II share.


But there will also be something NEW:

- main headlight and the rear lights are LED lamps


And because it's been getting a bit cold since October when motorcycling the sidecar passenger gets:

- heated seat

- heated handles for the driver and

- smart heated motorcycle jacket in red and black made by KEIS, and KEIS, as anyone knows, stands for prime quality when it comes to heated textiles. The sidecar also comes with a twin USB port, because nowadays you can't get by without USB.

Ural Roter Oktober-II A

NEW: The driver gets heated handles.

Ural Roter Oktober-II B

NEW: The main headlight and the rear lights are LED lamps.

Ural Roter Oktober-II C

NEW: The sidecar passenger gets heated seat.

Ural Roter Oktober-II D

NEW: The sidecar also comes with a twin USB port.

NEW: A smart heated motorcycle jacket in red and black made by KEIS.

So now the hunt is on for 'RED OCTOBER II'. In December 20 pieces of RED OCTOBER II will be delivered to URAL retailers. If you want to secure one of these special URAL motorcycle combinations, you should visit your trusted URAL dealer without delay (forthwith).


We dedicate the URAL RED OCTOBER II to Sir Thomas Sean Connery, who sadly quit the scene on October 31st 2020.

Ural Roter Oktober II title 0-2
Ural Button Roter Oktober II.png

Photo credit: Svetlov Artem_Lizenz_CC-BY-SA-3.0

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