RANGER – A motorcycle for urban cowboys

Ranger – Sand camo

The original URAL Ranger camouflage has been green-green-brown camouflage. Surely the most military of all the Rangers. In production without a break since 1995. Model year 2021 brings a new exciting camouflage Ranger, the Ranger Sand camo in beige and light brown and dark brown. 

Our picture of the Ranger in sand camo shows street tires instead of standard knobby tires and a crash bar on the front of the sidecar (surcharge). 

The coating: Matt. Always matt. In different shades, no shine and definitely no chrome. A huge advantage as the rider is relieved of endless hours of polishing to keep the machine looking good – it ALWAYS looks good!

Scud, Pershing or Kalashnikov are not included in the specification, although up until 2006 there was at least amount for these toys on the sidecar boat; it was also useful for the fishing rod on the salmon hunt in Norway. This device fell victim to the Russian export restriction of military equipment.

A motorcycle like no other.   
The Ranger conscripts are well kitted out and have the best ground clearance of all the Ural bikes. The sidecar wheel is engageable but with no differential. This guarantees a beautiful directional stability in the most difficult terrain (but beware – sidecar drive is definitely NOT recommended for tarmac roads with hairpin bends!).

For the pilot the sturdy flat twin 750cc engine is easy to start at the push of a button, or for the really macho, or those in need of some physical training, a kick starter exists. The console has a simple but functional design; warning lights in green, red and blue, a speedometer which indicates kilometers per hour and miles per hour plus the kilometers driven both daily and overall. And, as on all the URAL bikes, quality switches and levers made in Italy. All so simple that there is no need for extensive training or reference to a manual.

The co-pilot is armed with: spade, spot light, luggage rack above the spare wheel, 17 and more wrenches, screw driver, pliers, a container for the spare fuel or other fluids and a paint spray can to correct possible driving errors of the pilot.

In any case this vehicle is an eye catcher on and off road: Aggressive car drivers become as meek as lambs, and even motorcycle boy racers hang behind for a while before they dare to overtake. On the parking lot or in front of the coffee shop the Ranger really stands out, and when ridden in reverse gear heads really turn. If caught on forbidden forest roads the Ranger raises a smile even from the natural enemy of the Enduromotorcyclist – the forester.


The URAL Ranger is available

in three colors:


Asphalt gray matt


Olive green matt

Sand camouflage

Ranger – Asphalt gray matt

The Ranger Asphalt shown here is equipped with optional accessories not included in the price: 

powertrain black coated, slim black silencers, metal fairing, steel leg protectors, tank cover, heated grips on handlebars, the best URAL hand protectors, head light grilland spot light grill, crash bar on sidecar-front, pair of LED fog lights mounted on front crash bar, luggage rack on sidecar fender, luggage rack on the nose of the sidecar, protection bars for rear and sidecar lights, steel box in black with mount, 2 Baraholka steel boxes on the rear fender, first aid box, side panels inside the sidecar, duck boards in the sidecar, sidecar windshield, spare wheel cover

Technical Specifications


Type: Air cooled 2-cylinder 4-stroke Boxer engine

Bore/stroke: 78 x 78 mm

Cylinder capacity: 745 ccm

Engine power: 30 kW at 5,500 rpm

Max. torque: 55 Nm at 4,300 rpm

Mixture control: Electronic fuel injection

Max speed: approx. 105 km/h

Ignition: Electronic

CO2 Emissions: 87 g/km


Clutch: Dry double disc

Gearbox: 4 speed plus 1 reverse

Final drive: Bevel gear with drive shaft

Starter: Electric starter plus kick starter


Frame: Double loop steel tube

Front suspension: Leading link forks with

gas shock absorbers - 5 times adjustable

Rear suspension: Double sided swinging arm with

gas shock absorbers - 5 times adjustable

Sidecar suspension: Single sided swinging arm with

gas shock absorbers - 5 times adjustable

Wheels: 3 cross-spoked wheels, interchangeable

Rims: 2.15 x 19

Tires: Cross-country tires 4.00 x 19

Brakes: Disc brakes on all wheels


Mass in running order: 363 kg

Max. laden mass:  635 kg

Max. towable mass: 173 kg

Max. mass at the coupling point: 12 kg

Length / width / height:  2,580 / 1,700 / 1,100 mm  

Seat height: 790 mm

Tank capacity: 19 l, 95 Octane super

Fuel consumption: 4.4 l / 100 km



Olive green matt

Sand camouflage


Jerry can, spare wheel, luggage rack,

spotlight, spade