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It’s high time we at URAL introduce a M-edition like they did at BMW. Or at least an ADVENTURE model, like they have at BMW or KTM. 

Unfortunately we already get maximum engine power with our standard engine, with a capacity of 750 ccm and 40 hp, but we’ll just pretend URAL now also has a sports model.


Prerequisite is the racy color mix – and quite by chance are the colors of the Russian flag white, blue and red. 


We take an ultra-light 2in1 sports exhaust system, naturally made in Italy, where all racers come from. 


We take High Performance shock absorbers – a URAL needs five of them, and yes it’s rather costly if you want your URAL chassis fully compression and traction adjustable. 


We take a LED headlight for a faster look out. And the sports URAL is finished. 

Ural Adventure 2in1 sport exhaust system
Ural Adventure sport exhaust

The ultra-light 2in1 sports exhaust system.

Ural Adventure shock absorbers
Ural Adventure Shock absorber 2

High Performance shock absorbers – a URAL needs five of them.

Ural Adventure LED light

LED headlight for the sports URAL .

And to really earn the name ADVENTURE for this baby, the ADVENTURE comes with the best tent ever, the LONE RIDER Tent, under which awning you can garage your motorcycle combination.


And we even furnish you with some firewood. It’s the least we can do considering the rather higher retail price of the URAL ADVENTURE models. But don’t start asking at a BMW retailer how much firewood they will give you when buying a GS 1250, because only the URAL ADVENTURE delivers exemplary and dependable.


Every URAL, doesn’t matter what model, offers ADVENTURE galore. That’s the reason why we limited the presented white, blue and red URAL.


We had just 20 exemplars made in the URAL works and reserve them for customers who want a special URAL. Available now from your dedicated URAL retailers.

A report from the magazine:

MotorradGespanne s_05_20_850px.jpg
Adventure Compass
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