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Photo credit: Aladux_Lizenz_CC-BY-SA-3.0

"В коляске мотоцикла УРАЛ можно путешествовать так же комфортно, как в купе 1-го класса Транссибирского экспресса." –  In the sidecar of a URAL you travel as comfy as first class with the Trans-Siberian Railway.


Really! It's the literal truth. 

Time and again stories are told about passengers falling asleep in the sidecar on a long journey. On a well kept road and with a considerate driver the sonorous throbbing of the boxer engine, the gentle acceleration and deceleration of the URAL combination and the well sprung chassis of the Ural are conducive to a relaxed napping passenger in the sidecar.

With our limited edition model 2018 we want to show how much comfort there is in the puristic URAL sidecar, if you pay attention to a couple of points. The basic URAL model for this years limited edition is Model cT. It's the moderately priced model for beginning enthusiasts. 18 inch wheels, Heidenau K28 tyres, on the front wheel we use a Marzocchi telescopic fork. The URAL telescopic fork is better equipped for the road than the blunt URAL leading link fork for rough terrain.

The motorcycle combination has a green finish like the wagons of the Trans-Siberian Railway, although ours is a richer green than the rather faded color of their wagons.

The yellow vertical line on the sidecar is also allowed to shine brighter than its counterpart on the wagons.

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Ural Transsib 2018

The interior of the sidecar is done up in quiet brown hues, exactly like the interior decoration in a wagon of the Trans-Siberian Railway.

Ergonomically shaped seats, interior trim, armrests and headrest are the basics for being comfortable in the sidecar. But we also spring for a windshield for the passenger and a cover for the sidecar which you can close snug round your body with a zipper like in a kayak.

Ural Transsib Sitz
Ural Transsib Sonermodell 2018
Ural Transsib Abdeckung

And if it gets really cold on a long journey through the night, there is also the foot-muff made of fur. It really is the cat's pajamas. Our foot-muff is tailored to fit exactly the inside of the URAL sidecar by a Tyrolian manufacturer specialized in gear for mountaineering in Austria. If travelling on the Trans-Siberian Railway the heating fails in Omsk, the traveller would be glad to have an URAL fur foot-muff, as your toes will be toasty inside it even if they are naked. 

Warm toes are not our only achievement with the Transsib. Our special edition Transsib also provides the passenger with a pair of heated URAL gloves. They are available from XS to XXL. Battery-operated. Even in a power failure on the journey your fingers stay warm and comfy.

All this and more can be stowed in the trunk. Additional we spring for a luggage rack on the trunk lid for excess baggage, without additional costs.

Ural Transsib Fellsack
Ural Transsib 2018
Ural Transsib 2018

Small items can be stowed in the two handy suitcases on both sides of the front of the sidecar.

Ural Transsib 2018
Ural Transsib Samovar

And because travelling as a passenger with an URAL is equally companionable as travelling with the Trans-Siberian Railway we equip the traveller on the URAL with a Samovar, so he or she can invite fellow travellers to a nice glass of tea and a comfy chat.

The URAL special edition Transsib is now available at your preferred European URAL retailer. Please note: There are only 20 available. Those of you who like just the best and buy only limited edition models of Ural shouldn't dally too long.

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