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URAL Pustinja II

Pustinja is the Russian word for desert.

Since we introduced URAL limited edition models the Ranger in sand colour called Pustinja in 2007 was for sure the most welcome and successful version. And as this happened unbelievable 10 years ago we think that an anniversary edition of Pustinja is justified.

So: Here is Pustinja II.

Our desert URAL is based on URAL model Sportsman, that means: Equipped with Two wheel Drive on demand.
Our Pustinja is painted in sand colour and black only.

The Pustinja has following accessories:

- Black engine and powertrain

- Black slim silencers

- 4 wheels with wheel hubs and rims in sand colour and spokes in black chrome.

  Aggressive knobby tires from Heidenau

- A head light protector is obligatory for a desert vehicle

- Nice ergonomic seat with sand deco for the passenger in the sidecar and also

  the driver may take place on such stylish seat

- Two steel boxes (we name them Baraholka) left and right on the front of the sidecar

- On the back of the sidecar we have a First Aid Kit with some strange content

- Jerry can and luggage rack on top of the spare wheel of course cannot be missing

Attention: Only 30 units are available. So hurry up and contact your URAL dealer to get one!
Next Pustinjas will be launched in 10 or 15 years only.

See you soon in the sand deserts, stone deserts, asphalt deserts, ice deserts, snow deserts, city deserts, salt deserts, cold deserts, foggy deserts, windy desert, Mars deserts, water deserts (why not?), coast deserts, dry deserts of this world!

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