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URAL Scrambler

Scrambler – 100% suitable for off road!

At last! The much anticipated limited edition for 2015/16 has finally arrived!

This could have been named the Ural Fire Salamander in keeping with its black, yellow and grey colour scheme. However these vibrant creatures are soft and vulnerable  whereas a Ural is rigid and indestructible, and so this year's Limited Edition has simply been called the SCRAMBLER.

Other manufacturers of great looking machines have a Scrambler  so why not Ural?

Let us introduce you to the  Ural Scrambler:

- A modified version of the Ural Ranger therefore 100% off road ability with the two wheel drive
- As with typical scramblers any unnecessary weight has been removed eg no spare wheel
- Fitted with the best tyres possible for such a Ural - Heidenau K37 knobblies
- Upswept 2 in 2 black silencer system with a discrete throaty sound  
- Minimalist luggage racks on the trunk and nose of the sidecar
- Tough looking bumpers front and back of the sidecar with addition of the really chique LED foglights
- Handlebars fitted with an all important transverse bar to house all of today's essential gadgets such as your smart phone, navigator or camera so that you can capture all the fun you will have riding this beauty

Only 20 units of this limited edition will be available , so order yours now  –  

available through all authorised European Ural dealers.

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