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URAL Hybrid | Урал Гибрид 

This autumn will finally see the end of the glorious carburettor Urals!

The EC Type Approval for the new URAL models with electronic fuel injection (EFI) has been issued. From now on only the EFI models will be produced by the URAL Plant. However we have been sure not to neglect the needs of the fans of the URAL carburettor and for this reason there are still around 50 URAL carburettor units available in stock at the Austrian distributor centre. Not only this, but in  November we will launch our very special LIMITED EDITION , or should we say LAST (carburettor) EDITION?  

Only 25 units of this exceptional model will be produced . What makes this Ural so special? We have combined the old carburettor technology (as we had until 2013) with  with some hits of the new URAL generation 2014, such as disc brakes on all three wheels, bigger air filter volume, hydraulic steering damper and external oil filter. For obvious reasons we have named this limited edition the URAL HYBRID 13/14.  The chassis and body parts are all powder painted; the frame is black matt, the body parts are asphalt grey, and to enhance the look further, the powertrain is also black. Our URAL Hybrid is a 2 wheel drive model and is equipped with some fantastic new accessories:

The URAL Treasury Box

This is a top case system "Made In Russia“ from steel and aluminium. Definitely no plastic! Instead of the sozius seat we have a strong luggage rack on the rear fender which acts as the base for the box. The box itself has a steel frame and aluminium panel in the shape of an antique treasury box, and of course is waterproof. What better design for an URAL topcase, mixing practicality with romanticism?

2 auxiliary head lamps

There is an off road lamp to the right of the head light, and a fog light to the left of the head light. Is this useful? Well, it is always better to have more light than less, and in any case it looks cool. Besides, you're unlikely to find a BMW GS today that does not have 3 headlights! There's nothing like keeping up with the Jones'!

Super quality handguards made by the No.1 handguard manufacturer Barkbuster, from Australia. Some say handguards deface the handle bars, we prefer to say they decorate them! Whatever your handle (!), these also are coloured grey to match the machine. Not only are they practical and efficient but they are easy to mount and dismount.

The URAL Hybrid 13/14 is available from November 2014

from every good URAL dealer for as long as stocks last.

BE WARNED This is really the last carburettor URAL!

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