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Limited edition 2013 "The Sunset URAL"

So now you can dream of summer sunsets on the beach. Just order one of the 25 limited edition URAL Zarja sidecars. Delivery from your URAL dealer will be at the end of February 2013, by which time the winter will definitely seem to be behind you.

Russian: YPAN ЗАРЯ 
German: URAL Abendrot
English: The Sunset URAL
Italian: URAL Tramonto


It is a tradition that we, as the European URAL importer, develop an URAL sidecar with special limited edition features and only available in limited quantity (25 units). The previous limited edition models such as the Pustinja, Red October and Vorona are some of the fastest selling URAL versions ever. There are customers who can’t wait to see the next special edition URAL. There are also customers who will only consider buying a limited edition model and will not even contemplate buying a ‘standard’ model.

For 2013 the limited edition is named “The Sunset URAL”.
The dominant colour on all parts of the motorcycle is matt black, like the dark clouds in an approaching night sky. On the lower side of the fuel tank, the interior of the sidecar, the middle section of the rim, on the lid and inside of the URAL sideboxes (the Baraholkas), we have introduced a discreet flash of orange which appears as intense as the sinking sun between the dark evening clouds.


Why orange and not light blue or silver or white?
We are from Austria and there is a motorcycle manufacturer, whose products are orange. We are of course very proud of this manufacturer! The design and detailed equipment of the Sunset URAL make it a cool, modern machine.

The frame of the sidecar is taken from the model Retro.
The combination of 18’’ wheels (black anodized aluminium rims, fortified for sidecars, black chromed spokes, front tyre Heidenau 4.00x18 K36 profile, rear and sidecar tyres 4.00x18 K28 profile) give it a low ground clearance. This means a better performance in the bends.

The final drive has a ratio for solo operation. This drops the revolution speed. The sidecar is, compared to standard  models, light because many details, for example the spare wheel are not mounted. This sidecar is reduced to the basics, but of course it is possible to mount all kind of parts as on the standard models and of course the varied accessories.


Only 25 units of Sunset Urals will be produced. Order now! Experience shows, the limited editions sell out very quickly.

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