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Red October is not a Russian submarine!

Over the years it has become a tradition that the European Importer creates and orders a limited edition URAL motorcycle from the Siberian factory to be produced in small numbers. This year we have been bold and courageous in choosing a bright gloss red and matt black colour scheme, not usually associated with a classic motorcycle and sidecar design. The theme is based on the novel “The Hunt for Red October” by Tom Clancy and its movie version. The limited edition URAL will be launched to the public in the autumn 2009.


Some questions come to mind:

1. Is the URAL “Red October“a Russian missile submarine?

2. Does the URAL “Red October“have a magnetohydrodynamic drive (MHD) as seen in the movie? 

3. Can the URAL “Red October” move without sound or detection? 

Answer 1.) No! This “Red October“is not a submarine. It is a Russian URAL motorcycle and sidecar combination 2009 Limited Edition.

Answer 2.) No! The URAL “Red October“does not have a magnetohydrodynamic drive (MHD). It has a matt black stealth flat twin engine (MBS) with a capacity of 745 cc, which provides around 40 HP through a 4 speed plus reverse gearbox with drive shaft to the rear wheel.

Answer 3.) Yes and no! The vehicle can be pushed by hand with no sound on its 18inch Heidenau tyres. But nobody does that. Once the matt black stealth high torque engine (MBS) is activated, the raucous roaring of the two unrestrictive silencers will give your position away.

The URAL limited edition 2009 “Red October” sits lower than the standard Ural.18 inch wheels instead of the common 19 inch ones and the lower mounted sidecar along with the bright red paint gives an aggressive stance even when stationary. The lower centre of gravity also enhances cornering stability at higher speeds.

As always on URAL limited editions there are many small detailed changes to enhance the overall theme:
The “Red October” will be equipped with the reverse gear lever on the fuel tank, retro style round sidecar lights, discreet luggage rack behind the riders seat and another on the boot of the sidecar, and a small practical steel box on the back of the sidecar with a unique mark, which somehow indicates the real origin of all URAL bikes.
This URAL celebrates the contrast between the soft matt black on all frame parts and the bright gloss red of the body parts


The Hunt for Red October is now on! Not more than 30 units will be launched from the Ural dockyards in October 2009. Anyone who wants to make sure that they get one of these special URAL sidecar bikes, should visit their URAL dealer immediately.

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