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4.– 6.9.2020 | Austria

+++ Cancelation of Ninth European URAL Meeting +++

Ural Europe Headquarters, Upper Austria, A-4614 Marchtrenk


Arrival: Friday, 4th September 2020
Departure: Sunday, 6th September 2020

URAL #9-2020 poster canceled.jpg

+++ Cancelation of Ninth European Ural Meeting +++


Finally, better sooner than later, also we pull the emergency brake and cancel our Ural Meeting. It was a very difficult decision. We received regulatory approval with several conditions for the event from our local government. We produced t-shirts and merchandising for the event monthes ago. We received many registrations from all over Europe, rooms and hotels in the region are fully booked for the meeting.

However, we decided with a heavy heart to cancel the event. With us in Upper Austria the COVID-19 infections are increasing again strongly. We have to wear masks here again and are faced with new restrictions every day. We all expect the situation to get worse. An official ban on events can be imposed at any time and is even highly probable for autumn.

We know that everyone is looking forward to the Ninth European Ural Meeting, that many planned their vacation around the meeting, that rooms are booked.

We are really sorry.

If you need help canceling a room, contact us, we will talk to the inns and hotels.

If you still want to visit us in early September, we are of course here. We will set up a barbecue, we will have drinks, you can also camp with us to a limited extent. But we will not be hosting a big event as usual.

Let's hope that we can catch up on the Ninth European Ural Meeting soon and everyone stays healthy!



Company area of Ural Europa, 4614 Marchtrenk, Albrechtstraße 26 

For the first time we’re organizing the European Ural meeting at our Ural headquarters. We will adapt our infrastructure to host the meeting. We have enough space for a campsite and there are hotels in all price ranges nearby.

The main program of course concerns our Urals. We anticipate the arrival of several hundred Urals, coming from as far afield as Portugal, Finland , England and even Russia!


We offer two driving events on Saturday.


First a guided tour of approx. 60 km to Schwanenstadt to visit the Oldtimer Grand Prix. We visited this great event 2 years ago, but with pouring rain. This year we want to watch the oldtimer sidecars at the race in best weather conditions and we will probably even be allowed to do a quick lap with the Urals on the race track.


The Road Book Rallye will be the biggest attraction for many. We will also choose a nice tour for the oldtimer race to Schwanenstadt, but garnish them with some gravel, forest and meadow passages and small off-road special tests. 

On Saturday evening we have some great live music.

During the entire meeting our shop for merchandising and accessories program is open for purchase and we will open a spare part market. There are used and broken parts for Ural and Dnepr motorcycles to view and buy.

As always, we pay great attention to the high-quality catering of our guests.

Hotels and Bed & Breakfast accommodation can be found on the attached list
We recommend that you book soon, as the rooms are limited. If you need assistance finding accommodation, contact us and we will try to help you.


Camping: The meeting take place round on our company. We can set up tents around the company building and on the meadows of the neighbors. Campers will each be allotted a space. Please understand, we request that you bring only smaller tents with you. Toilets and showers are in the company building for campers.

Sunday evening, 6thSeptember 2020: The camping area must be complete vacated.

Participation Costs (unfortunately)
Participation fee: FREE 
Tent: (per night and person) EUR 5,--
Participation for Roadbook Rallye EUR 25,--

Please make sure you send us your registration to e-mail:, so that we can estimate how many meals and how much beer we will need !

Registration Form | German

Registration Form | English

Rooms | Accommodation


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