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Retro Solo

Classic solo bike

The Irbit Motorcycles Plant stopped production of Ural solo models in 2012. European Type Approval for solo models expired in 2008. So the here presented solo models from Ural unfortunately are history. Ural produces sidecars. Good sidecars.


Still living in the past and loving it? The Retro has the look of motorcycling days gone by, but many of the amenities afforded by modern technology. Take to those twisting, country roads with a bike that begs the question… "Where does that road go?"

Modell year 2009 -

retro_solo_08.jpg retro_solo_07.jpg

Custom built Retro Solo with accesoires

Ural - "Baraholka" - Sideboxes system
Silencer Italy
Round rear light
Custom direction lights
rsolo_2-1.JPG rsolo_2-2.JPG

Modell year 2003 - 2008

Modell year 2005-2008
Modell year 2005-2008 Modell year 2005-2008 Modell year 2003-2004 Modell year 2003-2004 Modell year 2003-2004
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