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Pilgrimage Tour

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Ural Pilgrimage 2010

In summer 2010 the 6th Ural pilgrimage will be organised. A trip to Sibiria for Ural motorcycle insiders and those who want to become Ural motorcycle insiders.
In the last 6 years many Ural friends from all over Europe and America have participated, many journalist joined and many televisions teams from England and Germany made reports.


In 2010 ten new sidecars will be ready. All our rental bikes will have sidecar drive. Due to the bad Russian road conditions and additional due to continous demands of the travel group to drive off-road – the sidecar drive is here the best equipment.

An extensive factory visit is included and also a visit of the Ural museum is of course compulsory.
The nights are mostly spent in tents, always in an absolutely quite and romantic place on Russian lakees or rivers. The only neighbors are mosquitos, and there are loads of them.

The whole equipment, tens, kitchen, meals, beverages incl. cook, interpreter, mechanic is inside the red bus of Sergey Ziranow, the former Russian sidecar motocross champion. The trip is accompanied through the organizer of the tour, Birgit Krassnitzer, employed by the Ural importer in Austria. Birgit of course driving her own Ural.

Because of many requests, it will be possible for the participants to buy „their“ own sidecar. Very simple at the Ural dealer of their choice. Either before the trips start – in this case it is of course possible to choose colour and model, or after the trip, just in case the rental bike becomes your best friend.
It is of course very special if you can pick up a new Ural sidecar directly and personally in the factory and at the same time run the bike in, on Russian soil.

The transport from the factory to the dealer of your choice will be organised throught the Ural importer from Austria. Within 14 days the new Ural will be at your house together with the Russian dirt and soil.

The dates for the Ural pilgrimages 2010 are:
1. Tour:  22nd July until 30th of July
2. Tour: 29th of July until 6th of August

Price for the tours:
For the driver:  EURO 1.600,00
For the co-pilort:  EURO 1.500,00

Included in this price is the following:
Tents, sleeping-bags and mats, meals, supportvehicle including crew, rentalfee for motorcycles including fuel for bikes, 2 overnightstays in the hotel, entrees to the museums, fees for the invitation letter which is necessary to make the Russian visa.


Not included in this price is the flight:
We normally fly from Prague directly to Ekaterinburg and back. The price of this flight is approx. EURO 410,00 (including taxes). Exact price can only be defined after booking.
Also not included: In case of real bad weather which prohibits staying in the tent we can choose to stay in a hotel. These costs are not included.
Further we have breakfast on arrival in Ekaterinburg, and dinner in a restaurant in Ekaterinburg, these costs are not included as well.

In case you decide to buy the bike at a dealer of your choice the price for the trip will be reduced for EURO 500,00

Because of the experience of the last years we have decided to keep a deposit. This deposit is a safety for damages on the bike caused by one’s own fault. If the bike is o.k. at the end of the trip, the deposit will be paid back.
The deposit is EURO 1.500,00. If the participant buys the bike, this deposit must not be paid.

Please just send an email to Please inform us if you want to participate in tour 1 or 2. Please also inform us about your experience on sidecar bikes so that we can plan the tours better.


You can download the announcement as PDF here:
Download announcement URAL-Pilgrimage 2010 in english
Download Ausschreibung URAL-Pilgerreise 2010 in deutsch

Short Videoclip of Pilgrimage Siberia 2007, russian roads [11MB]

Videoclip of Pilgrimage Siberia 2008, russian roads#1[26MB]

Videoclip of Pilgrimage Siberia 2008, russian roads#2[21MB]

Timeplan Tour 1

1. Tour:  22nd of July until 30th of July

1. Tour:
The first tour includes a visit on the Irbit motorcycle show, a festival where hundreds of Russian bikers participate each year and celebrate a really unique festival, a sort of motorcycle Woodstock.

Particularly interesting for us are the motorcycles which can be seen there. Although the amount of Japanese motorcycles is growing, most of the bikes are of Russian origin. Motorcycle tuning on Urals, Dneprs and Ish from the highst level and own adventurous motorcycle creations – this can only be seen in this form and this abundance on the Irbit motorcycle show.

The programme in short
22nd of July: Flight from Prague to Ekaterinburg
23rd of July: Arrival iin Ekateinburg, transfer to Irbit, take-over of the bikes
24th-25th of July: Visit the Irbit motorcycle show, the factory and the museum
25th -29th of July: Touring from Irbit to Ekaterinburg (about 500 km)
29th – 30th of July: Overnight stay in Ekaterinburg, Departure to Prag

Timeplan Tour 2

2. Tour: 29th of July until 6th of August

2. Tour:

The second tour is made for people who want to drive longer distances.

This tour is a roundtrip with about 1000 km through the southern Ural mountains. The highlights of this tour are driving on roads which cannot even be found in any map.

The programme in short:
29th of July: Departure from Prague
30th of July: Arrival in Ekaterinburg, takeover of the motorcycles
31st of July until 5th of August: Tour from Ekaterinburg towards Irbit through the Ural mountains
5th of August: Visit of the factory and the motorcycle museum, transfer to Ekaterinburg
6th of August: Departure to Prague

Irbit Bikeshow

Images from Pilgrimage 2008

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