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Ural Wolf with sidecar

Design study - Ural Wolf with sidecar

We, from the European Ural distributor in Austria, may be a little bit proud about some of our developments of Ural models in the past.

  • Our study Ural GS was not realized by the factory in serial, unfortunately.
  • Ural Vorona became to our first limited edition and was sold out immediately.
  • Ural Pustinja was the next limited edition and the 35 owners of this model appreciate, that their version of an Ural already became to a collector bike.

Here is our next design study:
During winter we reorganized our spares stock and we removed some shelf warmers, mixed these parts with some brand new Ural components and some common accessories and the result is this beautiful combination.

Should this Ural with sidecar become to serial?
Your opinion to the bike is very welcome.

WOLF-016573.jpg WOLF-016560.jpg WOLF-1.jpg WOLF-016563.jpg WOLF-016564.jpg
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