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Ural Vorona

BOPOHA = Russian, spell in Latin: VORONA, speak: "VARONA" meaning: The raven (female)

The raven-black limited edition of a Ural sidecar.
The VORONA - speak “Varona” – write in cyrillic BOPOHA
Vorona means female “Raven”.
Her dress is silken-matt, no chrome, everything is dark black.
Looks really great.
Only 33 units will be sold in Europe.
The Vorona is available with or without sidecar drive, with drumbrake or discbrake on the front wheel, according to your taste.
The sparewheel of the Vorona is covered with a a pretty leather cover.
As every Ural the Vorona has a reverse gear. And besides the electrical starter, a kickstarter.

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