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Pilgrimage Tour


In 2010 we organised 2 Pilgrimage Tours to Russia - it was our 10th pilgrimage.
Our idea is that 10 times is enough!
We will not continue our Pilgrimage Tours in 2011.
Next year we will invite the complete Russian team:


Sergej, Svetlana, Sascha, Olga and Anatoli


to Austria.


We would like to indulge the whole team in Austria in the same way as we were indulged in Russia. We will invite them to the Fourth European Ural Meeting which will take place at the beginning of September (the exact date will be announced soon) We hope that many of the former pilgers will participate to meet them in Austria!


If you did not participate, here is what you missed:



You can download the announcement as PDF here:
Download announcement URAL-Pilgrimage 2010 in english
Download Ausschreibung URAL-Pilgerreise 2010 in deutsch


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Ural Pilgrimage 2008 story (english)


Warning: Due to the nature of the tour certain everyday
words used in this article have a specialised meaning
which I ought to explain.

They are as follows:

- Day: a length of time between periods of sleep not
measured in hours and bearing no relationship at all to
dawn, dusk, planetary cycles or any other cosmic
phenomena whatsoever;

- Road: a generally consistent direction across the earth’s
surface varying from a hideously dangerous four-lane
highway to the vaguest hint of a track disappearing into

- Tent: an expanse of tarpaulin anchored to the ground by at
least three corners which is apparently designed to
accelerate the momentum of falling rain;

- Meal: anything from a mouthful of chocolate to a stomachstraining
sequence of courses;

- Route: a week’s generally circular direction, largely made
up from hour to hour;

- Guide: Sergei;

- Sergei: the guy with the map;

- Map: that crumpled piece of paper Sergei has in his hand;

You get the picture?

Here is the story.

Download the full story, worth every single byte!!
(left click "save target as" > zipped PDFs 142MB Size!!)


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Ural Pilgrimage 2007 Bericht II (german)

Alles begann Pfingsten 2005 als mich mein Kumpel Christian fragte, wie ich es denn wohl fände, mit einem Ural Gespann durch Sibirien zu fahren.
Erste Reaktion natürlich (vielleicht hat der Alkohol aber auch eine Rolle gespielt): SUUUUUPER!

Den kompletten Bericht finden Sie auf der Homepage des Autors :
Rainers Onlinewelt --->


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Ural Pilgrimage 2007 Bericht I (german)

"Wohin fährst'n in Urlaub?"
"Nach Sibirien, Motorradfahren"
Ratloses Entsetzen macht sich auf dem Gesicht des Gesprächspartners breit!


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Ural Pilgrimage 2006 Bericht (german)

Bericht über die Ural-Pilgrimage 2006 als pdf

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