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Ural special model Wjuga

Limited edition 2008/09

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The limited Ural edition 2008/2009 is born:

ВЬЮГА,Wjuga, northeast storms in the steppe of south Russia, including lots of snow and ice needles, occutring in spring and late autumn, lasting several days.

Source: Pierers universal encyclopedia, column 19, Altenburg 1865, page 309

ВЬЮГА,Wjuga, a numbered group of crude colored Ural sidecars, which appear likely from late autumn until springtime, although mostly during snowstorms and iced streets, frightening the inhabitants of heated rolling cages for the bourgeois.

Source: Ural Motorcycles GmbH, importer Ural motorcycles, Linz 2008

Without doubt this Ural is not beautiful. Disheveled, sloppy, grey-greyish colored. A doubtful appearance. But exactly the right answer for uncomfortable circumstances in the life of a motorcycle driver like coldness, snow, winter, wind.

A big windshield, knee shields and heated handgrips protect the driver.

Sidecar drive and knobbly tires secure thrust. With an Ural Wjuga you are definitely appropriate and in proper style on the winter motorcycle rallies which are becoming more and more popular. Contact your authorized Ural dealer quickly! Because the Ural Wjuga is only available this winter and in limited exclusiveness.

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