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Day 21, 2014-05-17

From Ural by Ural 2014


Again a beautiful sunny morning, we quickly packed, but ...

One of us didn´t close the trunk lid of his sidecar carefully, and it has opened while drivingand bent the hinges.

The problem was promptly solved by a small tree and with a gentle hit of an axe the were hinges repaired. The lesson is: close the suitcase of your sidecar carefully. :-)






Our engines tasted European gasoline for the first time.

The Injection system needed 20 minutes to lean how to handle this unusual fluid (the Ural Injection System constantly adapts to the current conditions to handle various ones) 

It was proved to be a quieter and smoother engine operation.

Engines quietly advance. We expected it.




New Ural has changed the dashboard with six round lights. They are clear, they are even visible at the sun.

The fuel warning light begins to flash after 180 km, 200 km to the already lit. Our consumption is still around 6.5 l/100 km, thats great.



Today we drove 530 km, tachometer has topped at 4,000 km.

We still are guided by Standa and Jane. They drove at the head of the row through whole Russia and through the Baltics.




On our sidecars there are three original bags from Ural.

Waterproof, pull straps on all sides and shoulder straps perfectly fulfills the travel bags to the hotel, to the dust and water when you´re traveling by Ural.
Logo on the one side of the bag clearly points who belong this bag.

Without the slightest failure they survived the madness of our journey.







We sleep before the Polish border,

barbecue smells,

black tea is served.


We are disscussing about everything

and looking into the fire.

Eight friends forever.



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