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Day 20, 2014-05-16

From Ural by Ural 2014


Our motorcycles spent the night at the Estonian customs.
Early morning began carousel. It ended up at the head officer of customs.
The officer (a Lady) gave us the address of a company which is used to customs declarations like ours.
Finally, the company has helped us with everything, including print green cards, we have insurance.


Another problem was the license plate. We have passed whole Russia without plates, but now this is no longer allowed.

So we register the bikes in Estonia but the officials want to see the bikes at first.
This isn´t possible, because the bikes are at the customs and we cant go to the registration office without plates.


We solve it by hireing two trucks from a recovery service..
After several hours we triumphantly left their door with license plates.

We professionally fix them with a screwdriver from the original Ural tools. Do you know why Ural sidecar has always tools? And now we can go!

Every thing changes.

In Estonia the straight roads are flooded by sun, everything is green, its warm.
Motorcycles go in a pleasant 90-kilometer speed.

New clutch lever works very well. Its much easier to shift gears and find neutral .

Based on the experience of this journey we recommend to protect the steering dampers by some gaiters. The new steering damper is fine on and offroad but ist suffers from dirt in while going offroad.

The fuel consumptions is fine. Now, on the perfect roads in Estonia, we enjoy the incredible torque from low rpms. The litte lag while accelerating from idle is neglibable. Its only a matter of time till, this is finaly solved by Ural technicians


The first stars appear in the sky. Today we went 200km and we ere looking forward to the next 1000km

It does'nt rain, completely different to the last weeks.

Road tires Duro work well and it is easier for us to go on the roads.
Now we will investigate how it is with new Urals on the road - till now we had no real raods so far ;-)

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