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Day 18, 2014-05-14

From Ural by Ural 2014


The morning was cold in Petersburg, but without rain.

We decided that we're going to town.
Our Ural bikes were flowed by the rain yesterday, but they started without problems.

We´re leaving the safety of our hotel.


Immediately we're going to Nevsky Prospekt, we are passing through the center of the Prospect with our bikes.
Then comes another idea. We turn right on Palace Square to take some pictures of our bikes in Front of the palace.


We have a few minutes to noticed us by police. We are standing in front of an iron gate, where it had all begun.
We také pictures and movies and fades away. The police have noticed us, but did not complain.

Four Ural sidecar without licence plates disappeared as quickly as they come.


Next stop cruiser Aurora. I stop there whenever I'm in Petersburg. I have often visited this place in the last 20 years.


The Russia Ural Klub guides us along through the rush and hurry of this modern city.
We go to Ivangorod, a border city with Estonia. We say goodbye to the Russian Ural Klub and we agree to participate in their autumn meeting in Rozhrani.


It appears a small problem with Russian customs in border, we lack some papers. Never mind, it will be solved by a professional declarant together with the irbit URAL factory.

We do shopping and set up the camp near the river. Above the trees there's a huge moon.
It´s 1 degree above zero, it will be icy night.


Many thanks to Ural Club of Russia for help. These guys helped us with everything, what they saw in our eyes.

It's simple, we were their guests. Who knows Russia, who knows what it means.


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