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Day 17, 2014-05-13

From Ural by Ural 2014


Today again cultural programme, fortunately with the bikes...

The sun guides us to Tsarskoye Selo in Pushkin, unfortunately closed today.
Anyway, we proceeded to Peterhof the summer residence of Zsar Peter the great.
Residence and the Neptun Fountains we open so we were able to see all attractions.


On our way to Kronstadt fortress black clouds came in and the weather changed completely within minutes.


During the existence of the Soviet Union it was forbidden city. More than 20 years we had to wait to see it and now we can finally go there.



The whole day we were accompanied by Stas from the Ural Club of Russia on his motorcycle Ural M-67-36 after fresh renovation.
Stas did a perfect job with this renovation, the old 650ccm engine works similar to our machines. He helped us to save lots of time and showed us how a Russian sidecar can be driven on the roads of St. Petersburg.



We cross the island, we go to the pier, on both sides are anchored Russian warships, it´s apparently allowed to take pictures, so we do it.


Walking through the city we met the cadets, who returned from a military parade on Red Square in Moscow on the day of liberation.



On the way back the strong wind and rain storm catch us and in the Gulf of St. Petersburg is everything gray. The gray colour erased the difference between road, sea and sky.
Incredible experience.

We return to the hotel wet, but happy. We drove 200 km.

In the Hotel we opened the gift from the president of the Ural club, Nikolai.

This incredible 70% Vermouth works immediately.

Tomorrow we will leave St. Petersburg.


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