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Day 15, 2014-05-11

From Ural by Ural 2014


In the morning again change of weather. It´s cold, damp and drizzling. We pack our stuff and head directly to St. Petersburg.
After a few kilometers it starts raining. The motorcycles push us forward, they are running increasingly better.


After yesterdays adrenaline ride on destroyed roads, we experience today a new challenge. We participate on increasing traffic chaos as we are coming closer to the metropole of St. Petersburg.
Everybody drives like crazy. Everybody overtakes everywhere. We are forced to do the same.
It needs strong nerves to participate. We are hassled by trucks and buses, sometimes we are forced to leave the street completly, but it teached us, that it is not such a bad idea to go beside the street instead on the road.
After the police control at the city entrance our friends from Moto Club Ural Russia are awaiting us. They guide us through St. Petersburg directly to the hotel.


Motorcycles are parked on the ramp behind the hotel, we enjoyed the shower in the room and after that we are invited to the Ural club.
Meanwhile, our friends changed the bent clutch levers on two motorbikes to new ones.
Many thanks for this service!


In the Club we must taste their own drink of 70% alcohol. It should be good against all the pain of the long ride and it is a welcome drink for good arrival.


All of us drink it without words.


Nikolaj, president of the club, says that there is wormwood in it. At the end of the visit we get a badge for club members, thank you, guys.

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