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Day 14, 2014-05-10

From Ural by Ural 2014


This morning we had another planed maintenance.

We changed the engine oil.

The oilfilter is now situated external at the front cover of the engine. This makes changing the oilfilter perfect easy.

We adjusted the valves too.


Everything is perfect with the bikes.


In Rybinsk we cross the river Volga again.
We take photos and film with camera a few movies directly on the coast.
We drive past the railway station, on the way we pass many shops with oil, spare parts for trucks and tire services.
We buy a grease gun, which we need to grease the cardan joints.
With regular maintenance the U-joints work perfectly, without greasing they will wear out.



We continue to the northwest around Rybinsk water reservoir.
For dinner will will have fresh smoked fish, absolutely unforgetable.
We pass another big city and we camp on a beautiful meadow near the forest.
We changed the oil in the final drive as long as the oil is hot. This morning the oils was too cold for changing it.
It is getting dark, we light the fire.


As for the new fuel mapping of Injection system.

Here are the personal views of individual drivers:


  • Driver 1: At middle and high rpm range everything is fine. Cold start I can not judge, the weather is warmer now.
  • Driver 2: The new map works great, the engine now behaves like a electric engine. Significant improvements in both upper and lower rpm.
  • Driver 3: Significant improvement in low rpm, the engine no longer pops into the exhoust, no more backfire into the intake throttle body. Engines pulls perfect.
  • Driver 4: A radical chage of engine behaviour. After a short warm up period the engine runs free, better acceleration to higher rpms. Overall behavior is smooth.

So every driver has his own, slightly different, opinion.
Generally the bikes are flying like the wind now, although they are overloaded.
Fuel consumption is 6,5L per 100km.


We will sleep in St. Petersburg tomorrow. The first day will be sightseeing.
The second day we would like to go with our Ural bikes to a couple of interesting places, accompanied by people from the representation IMZ - Ural in Russia.


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