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Day 13, 2014-05-09

From Ural by Ural 2014


We had a very busy morning. After yesterdays experience with damaged knobbly tire from Petroshina, we decided to change all tires back to the original factory mounted Duro tires 4.00 x 19. In future we will drive most of the time on asphalt roads, only sometimes we will go a little bit through the fields and for these opportunies, the Duro tires should be good enough.


It is warmer now.


The sun is shining.


Everything seems to be perfect.




At this time, we do not know that today we have to drive more than 200 km along totally destroyed road. The driving is horrible.


We see, that the only proper tactic to drive is to keep a constant speed of 80 km/h, and more or less ignore the condition of the street. Full concentration.


In last second before you reach a hole we decide if it is better to fly over the holes, or to surround the hole. Sometimes also this is not possible.


We are sometimes driving on the opposite side of the road, we are sometimes right or left beside the road.


We are just driving where it is the best. It is a hardcore test of aluminium rims and shock absorbers. Rims and shocks are working.


We pass large pine forests.
Strong winds turn against us, and especially from the side.
The nature is waking up, it is beautiful to see the rapid transition from winter to spring. Everything is starting to turn green and dry.



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