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Day 12, 2014-05-08

From Ural by Ural 2014

Today we woke up because of the creaking of half-fallen trees above our tents, the wind is still with us.

We too flashed the latest version of the fuel-mapping into the electronic control units.
We need to test it, customers are waiting for the final version of the EFI.

In short: It's a huge improvement!

More informations can be given after tomorrow's all-day test.




When we stop just before freezing to death, we find that the one motorcycle´s rear cross tire gave up.
Well, the pump included with the Ural toolset did it's job....



As we passed by Kirov the DPS (traffic control service) catched us.
Again the same explanation: we have no plates, we do not have technical licenses.
We showed our police waybill - motorcycles, 4 peeces - this must be enough.
After a while the good guy came, he asks where are we from, where are we going, how much the bike costs...
He is satisfied, we can go on.

Spring is here. Local farmers went into the fields, the road is covered with red clay, but no problem for our Russian sidecars, they have 3 wheels.

Around us the water covered landscape streching out into infinity.
Wayless in this saison.



We have to go back 50 km. People say that only tractors can proceed from this point on - maybe.
We fill up our tanks and return, 100km for nothing...

It is getting dark, around us there's only mud and nobody. Sometimes we meet some trucks.
We ride down to the first way into the forest. Here we will spend the night.
The group does great works, everyone knows what he have to do.
A moment later a fire is burning and there is a smell of dinner.

Another day is over.

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