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Day 11, 2014-05-07

From Ural by Ural 2014

In the morning the sun drove us out of our tents.
We packed and with minor problems we got the bikes from the red sticky mud back on the road.
All day we were guided by icy headwinds, we're putting on all clothes we have, but it's not enough, it's cold here as in Russia :-).

The broken roads with their large pitholes stessed our Sachs shocks to the utmost.
However, they survived.
Broken road accompanied us all day.
Everything is fine.



The landscape is slowly changing, grain fields and meadows, forests disappearing.
Along the way the first flowers appear. Is that spring?
Probably not, during the evening we have a shower of ice crystals.



Today we also test what happens when you run out of gas in the tank.
After refueling the bike did not awake, it was necessary to spin the starter for a long time, probably leading to a discharged battery.
We did not want to risk a dead battery, so we chose tow-start with another machine. The engine started after 20 meters.



We have gone 1.400 km so far.
It seems that the engines have become used to the constantly changing quality of gasoline.




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