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Day 10, 2014-05-06

From Ural by Ural 2014

So we are back on the road. We´re shooting photos of the boundary between Asia and Europe. It's always a special feeling to stand on this symbolic place.

The skye is coverded by steel gray clouds.
It started to rain, slightly first, then pouring. Sometimes the rain stops for a few minutes but afterwards its raining heavier than bevore.

Kilometers go by. Perhaps we should qualify criticism of our motor fuel map, at least partially.
Today we are refueling at a Russian company operating in our country.
Engines have calmed down, do no longer backfireing, the lag while accelerating is less noticeable.
Unfortunately, this is normal for Russia. You never know what you tank. Most likely that the in the past days bad fuel has been sold to us.

This time it was truly A95 octane fuel.

Consumption is for all motorcycle around 7 l/100 km.
In the evening we are changing the brake pads on the rear wheel of the Motorcycles, lets see how long the new pads will survive..

The nobbys at the rear tires are fading away. Unfortunately the legendary Uralshina tires are no longer available, tha Petroshina tires we have on our bikes are copys from Petroshina.

Today we crossed the Urals ridge northern most road thats drivable at this saison (asphalt road).
Everywhere are rests of snow on all water flowing all around, not only off the road.

Its hard to find a Campgrounds, wherever we look there is the mud and water.
Tonight we will enjoy luxury free water beds, we will swimm in our tends.

As for the road conditions: Out of town no problem so far. The horror starts when entering villages. Potholes, really large potholes. The trucks going zigzag.

Crossing the Urals was nice, steep turns, long valleys, everywhere around dense forests and a sense of infinity.

Bye Urals, we will return!




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