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Day 9, 2014-05-05

From Ural by Ural 2014

Well, the minor service turned to a major one. We had too much valve clearance at one bike. This was an indication that something might be wrong.
We had to face the fact that one camshaft was worn out and the tappets too.
As we had no spare camshaft we called the factory and next day in the morning technicians from the factory appeared and changed the camshaft. They will take the worn ot part to the factory for serious investigation what happened with this camshaft.

As we hat enough time left this day we inspected all motorcycles in detail.
We finally adjusted the setup of the sidecar frame, until now we have made this by eye only.

At one motorcycle the screw for the neutral sensor was set too far into the gearbox resulting in bad shifting - we corrected this issue.

We were not entirely satisfied with the rear brake from beginning and checked this issue in detail. The Reason is that the calipper was not mounted correct so now the brake pads are on their limit. We replaced them on some bikes.

At one motorcycle the Diagnostic tool (YES, we connect the Urals to a Laptop!) detects a foulty oxygen sensor. This doesn't effect the drivabilty of the bike - however, we replaced it.

The hydraulic steering dampers are leaking at two bikes, we will replace them in St.Petersburg.

Over all, some antics - however, not unexpected.
We have taken the bikes right from the production line, without the pre drive inspection European dealers perform and pushed the bikes right to their limits and far beyond.

Thats what we want to do - a brief, real world test for the new generation of Urals under challenging conditions.

And, we are not entirely satified with the mapping of the injection system at low rpm's with cold engine. There is a lag while accelerating from idle. We are told that the fuel mapping will be improved within the next days. As soon the new mapping is available we will flash it to the ECU's.

Anyway, the bikes are serviced now.
The support from the factory is incredible, so many thanks to the technicians from the Irbit Motorcycle factory!
Tomorrow we will go on to West, we will pass the river Kamu. Let's wait and see!


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