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Day 8, 2014-05-04

From Ural by Ural 2014


It is raining all night long. The motorcycles were out in the pouring rain. However, in the morning they started without problems.






Immediately after leaving the forest we cross the first bridge. The water level of the river is double the height compared to yesterday. Next bridge, the same.

Yesterdays dirt road turned into a skating rink. We are all experienced sidecar drivers, so we are able to go on 30 km on unpaved and muddy road under worst conditions.


We push the overloaded motorcycles as fast as possible through the mud, we are on our limits - the same is for the Urals.

Sometimes it's raining, sometimes it's snowing. We have to go south to find a open pass over the Ural Mountains.



Driving on the main road means beeing in the middle of a massacre, russian driver show their "skills".

The rain stops and a icy wind starts blowing.

We stop at a gas station, buy 92 octane gasoline and some chocolate. The decision is made to find accomodation in a hotel. It's is also necessary to make a first, minor service on motorcycles.


We find accomodation in a hotel, motorcycles are parked in the garage of the local barefoot owner with a face like Al-Capone. Perhaps we will find the bikes untouched there by tomorrow.

Today we will enjoy some culture at a local club.

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