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Day 7, 2014-05-03

From Ural by Ural 2014

Our night under the sky in the Ural mountains was not disappointing. The clear sky presented billions of stars.
In the morning all the lakes around were frozen, as well as our water in the containers and the bones of ourself.
We prepared hot drinks for breakfast. The sun was coming up and everything is warming up a little bit. We dry all our wet stuff from yesterday.
The Ural engines awake immediately after the first press on the starter button.  They do not mind that we still have winter, it´s great.
We drive a little warm up round in the village and we are going to try again to find out if there is somebody home there. Again, we dont meet anybody.

So we are also leaving the vacated village. We connect our battery chargers to the 12V sockets, supplied as standard equipment on model Ural Ranger and head out on a gravel road further west.

The engines manage our fully loaded sidecars very well, we go on 3rd gear through the corners and we like to drift on the cross tires. We feel the increased power of the fuel injected engines compared tot he carburettor version. The engines just need a short time to warm up for operation temperature and then they run smooth.

Suddendly in front of us the Ural ridge (Uralskij chrebet) appears and presents snowcapped peaks. Icy winds are blowing down from there. The scenery is inviting for us. 


But we expect problems. In the next village we get a warning that the only way is back. At a local magazine we buy some petrol in his garage and we continue to drive towards the mountains.

We better do not ask, which quality of fuel we have purchased here, but the motorcycles obviously do not have any problems with this kind of liquid.


At the end of the village we stop again, get valuable advice that there is some hope to reach the highest point of the Ural, which is the border between the continents Europe and Asia, but ....
On the way we can expect huge lakes of water, very dirty road and many off road passages. We go on with pleasure.


And indeed: We cross lakes of water without big problems, water doesn´t mind the injection units and the whole motorcycles, although the water is covering  the cylinders.
The new clutch also works well under water, these are good news.
Hydraulic steering dampers absorb almost every shock to the handlebars, we can steer the bike with one hand only even in light offroad mode.


We pass a bridge. Beside the bridge the trees are shortened by beavers, the water is just few inches below the bridge. If it rains one more, the water will swallow the bridge. Now the road is guiding directly into the river, there is no bridge, the road is flooded.

Lubos bravely try do cross the river by feet, but he is falling and he is really lucky that he is not flooded away. Ice shelfs are rushing down the river. The river is around one meter deep, it is impossible for our Urals to pass. We are taking a cup of coffee and decide to turn back.


We are rushing back, the bikes are listening to us very well. The Sachs shock aborbers take every hole. The injection engines are performing with broad torque.


We return to our well-known village. We purchase local food and then we are driving into the taiga to to look for some place for the night.
We are wrong again, the water is constantly rising and the other way is not possible, we are captured by water.  We look for a rather high place in the forest and this time we choose a forest camp under the pines. Tomorrow we'll see, how we can go. It starts to rain again.


Perhaps it is too early to make an evaluation of the new Urals. But the impressions of the first days are excellent.
Engine has torque from low rpm and allowes to choose low gears.
We do not like the brakes very much, but we will be able to say more about the brakes later, when we have to go downhill. The motorcylces are reliable until now, we only had to do some fine-tuning on the geometry and some adjustment of the rear brake.
The heated grips of Ural are great. They helped us to survive the bad weather yesterday.



We dont write now about kilometres already done, it was not planned to make many kilometres at the beginning of our journey. We will look on the clock at the end of our trip.

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