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Day 6, 2014-05-02

From Ural by Ural 2014

During the night the rain stopped, in the morning we get up at uncomfortable -9 degree celcius.


The forest is damp, doesn't look like spring.
We set down our tends and look for a way back to the road. Despite of the cold we are in good temper couse we managed to depart in the early morning.



We are heading north, along the slopes of the Utal mountains. There's an idea of bright sky ahead, however, surrounded by dark clouds almost down to ground along our planed route.

We are crossing oil pipelines, pas pipelines and power lines comming from nowhere, disappearing right into nowhere.


The engines are humming friendly. We are happy about our decission of mounting nobby tires. The new hydraulic steering damper are doing a fine job, eliminating the "minor" bumps of the russian roads. We enjoy the new disc brakes. However, we cant judge the right cause we dont needed them so far.

Our Urals are perfect set up for the demands of our journey. All is in good shape, well engineered an made from Irbit Motorworks.



Here a picture of my current shop-team at home


At midday we arrive at a place with monasteries and churches. It's time for culture and sightseeing so we make a break. One of the monasteries was converted to a house of correction for young people..


We head on to west and try to find a unofficial, jet drivable, road through the Ural mountains, a road ready made for Ural motorcycles.


Does this happen by chance or does someone have mercy with us? Anyway, after visiting the churches sky cleared up and the sun starts warming us. We are filling up the petrol tanks and jerry cans and the sidecars with food and go heading on to west. Right into the Ural mountains from now on.


We are leaving the road with its street traders and after a few meters we enter a complete different world. The Taiga has swallowed us up. A small track is winding through the marsh.
Behind each turn a new challenge waits for us doe to the damaged state of the track.


Suddenly the forest opens up to wide valley. The engines are shut off, silence, we are amazed. Within the valley - a group of near-ruined wooden houses. Where are the people these houses belong to?


We take a look at these houses, some are locked, some not. The garden of one house is ready to seed. It seems that the people have fled from their house. For which reason?


We decide to stay here. There's a handfull of lakes. We go swimming and washing in one of these lakes, it's spring - isn't ist?.
We collect firewood from the forest and light up a mighty fire. It's the best campsite so far on this journey.



We exploring the wilderness with our Urals. We expexting that the way will end soon, but we want to go as far as ever possible.




The sun slowly sets down in the Taiga. The dawn covers the abandoned place and the friends sleeping in the tends.
It's -3°C, ... a hard night ahead.

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