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Day 5, 2014-05-01

From Ural by Ural 2014

We slept like kings a queens..


In the morning we had breakfast with fried eggs with bacon and onions and black coffee.



We're heading to the Ural mountains, snow is melting, we are leaving the flooded plains behind. Its warm.


We are driveing through deep forest.
Yesterday we left the river Nica, today we're approaching the river Nevka.
We try to go closer to an island in the river, but it's too much risk.

Back on the road and heading west.


Today it is the 1st of May, but the people around don't care about.
It's basically a normal day with shopping, car repairing, a few families are sitting by the river and something cooking in kettles.

We usualy dont use the GPS. We try to navigate using old Maps. They are not always correct. This brings us in contact with the local people - asking them to show us the way.
We buy food in small local shops and go on.


We travel around Nizhny Tagil. Datschas are everywhere and still popular.
We pass a half-frozen lake and head to the Ural mountains. Imediately we have to face the climate of the mountains. It´s damn cold and it's raining.

Its time to find a place to set up the tends. We are finding a place where we are protected from wind by a rock, perfect for our tends.


Soon a fire is burning, it's time for a meal and some wodka.


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