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Day 4, 2014-04-30

From Ural by Ural 2014

Departure day.

At least this is the plan.

But we have to change our plan again. In front of the hotel there are big lakes of melting water between mountains of snow. It is impossible to pack our personal stuff on the motorclyes.


So we go by taxi to the factory again. In the hall oft he assembly line we are equipping our motorclycles with our luggage.




Immediately the spirit of the assembly line is getting in us again.

We do not hurry to pack our stuff. WE are talking with the workers oft he assembly line again.

Finally at noon we are ready to go, the door of the assembly line is opening and we drive to the gas station.



Between big lakes on the streets of Irbit and big mountains of snow we are heading toward the open land.


It is getting warmer. Snow is melting very fast, we feel a warm wind in the face, the sun is shining, everything is perfect.







We are passing small villages with wooden houses, almost nobody is on the street. We stay on the street. WE dare not to leave the street, it is too dangerous to drive offroad, the meadows and fields are too wet.

In the evening our first camping with open fire. It will be a very long night.


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