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Day 3, 2014-04-29

From Ural by Ural 2014


A new day in Irbit. Snow is melting. It is raining. But tomorrow, everybody promises, there will be perfect motorcycles weather with bright sunshine. Can be believe in this?

We are fully rested. We adapt our motorcylces with accessories, such as GPS, luggage racks, jerry cans. We are doing this in the assembly hall of the Ural factory. It is very interesting to watch the workers on the assembly line.





In the afternoon we visit the Ural museum. The director is guiding us personally. We are asking to explain us the history of the different engine types, which were produced in Irbit. So we are invited to visit also the archive oft he museum, under condition: It is strictly forbidden to make pictures. We see almost 50 different engines, many of these engines are totally unknown for us. The engines are described in detail , date of production and purpose of engine are explained, form motorcycles to airplanes.

We see dozens of prototyes for vehicles in the archive, also motorcycles form other manufacturers. All this is too much information to remember.





At the end we are invited to a local motorcycle club, the members are all enthusiastic fans of Ural, they exhibit their motorcycles in their hall.



Late in the afternoon we come back to the assembly line in the factory, where our new Urals are still parking. We are mounting knobbly tires, at least on the rear wheel.. Now we feel ourself fully equipped for the long journey home.

In the evening we discuss, which route we will take next day. WE decide to go north west. We will see.

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