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Day 2, 2014-04-28

Irbit, URAL Factory

Immediately in the morning the new motorclyces were registered to traffic. The motorclyces are welcoming their new pilots and copilots.


Fantastic: Like children the new owners are pawing their new toys



First sit in the side car and on the drivers seat


All four motorcycles were prepared best possible, spasibo. We spent two hours around our new Urals The new Ural owners discussed with the workers who manufactured their motorcycles.


The new camshaft is much smaller than the old one. But produces a lot of more torque. Is it, because it has less weight?


Then we made a walk around the assembly line. It is really a great feeling to experience the machines and workers who have created your motorcycles. Our motorcycles are really handmade!




The obligatory picture in front of the Ural Plant


Then we are diskussion about tires: There is incredible much snow. And the snow is melting now. It will be fun to drive of road.



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