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UralCC webmaster | 2013-07-31:E3

Epilog to the Fifth European Ural Meeting 2012


We do not want to talk so much about the weather. It only rained once, continuously  from Thursday evening until Saturday in the afternoon ; a steady, intense, calming rain, without a break. Crazy how some of the participants arrived on Friday evening, soaking wet, after hours of driving in the pouring rain.
It is no surprise that about one third of the registered drivers did not even leave home, which meant we  only had about 200 people on the meeting this year.
But the fans were really rewarded for their efforts.


congenia staff | 2013-07-31:E3

Fifth European Ural Meeting

30th August - 2nd September 2012

The Fifth European Meeting takes place in Aschach at the Danube again.

So note the date, and start to plan an interesting route to Austria.


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