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Ural Solo ST

Classic Russian Bike

The Irbit Motorcycles Plant stopped production of Ural solo models in 2012. European Type Approval for solo models expired in 2008. So the here presented solo models from Ural unfortunately are history. Ural produces sidecars. Good sidecars.


What does a small motorcycle company do during the cloudy times? Make the best of it!

Ural, famous for its 2wd sidecar motorcycles went to create a solo motorcycle that would capture the best of Ural - its simplicity, versatility, the classic lines.

Think of it as a bike that could have been produced by Ural in the 1970’s if the engineers were allowed to fulfill their ambition for a performance two-wheeler.

We took care of unfinished business and put together a motorcycle that answers the need for something functional, simple and reasonable. Just what a real motorcycle should be - a universal bike for your daily trips and weekend getaways whether on a street, highway or even a forest road ...with the feel of a genuine classic ride and all modern day components.

solo_st-1.jpg solo_st-2.jpg solo_st-3.jpg solo_st-4.jpg solo_st-5.jpg solo_st-6.jpg solo_st-7.jpg solo_st-8.jpg
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