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Retro – Last Edition 2018


In 2003 the Ural  factory introduced the Retro model into its range of sidecars. It is the opinion of many Ural enthusiasts that this is the best model produced over the last 15 years.

However , 2018 will see the end of an era as the production of the Retro is to cease . WIth this in mind the Ural factory will supply about 70 units for the European market. before the end of the year.

2003 introduced Ural factory its model Retro. In the opinion of many Ural fans, Retro is best Ural during last 15 years. Anyway Ural will end production of Retro with end of 2018. So this year Ural will still make around 70 units Retro for Europe. Everybody who has speculated about purchasing one Retro should finish thinking about it and finally contact the Ural dealer to fix one of the last Retros.

The following is a short review of some of the best looking  Retros of the past years:


The attractive cherry red Retro from 2011:


And no less beautiful,  the same model in olive green gloss:


The M70 was built from November 2011 until November 2012 to commemorate  70 years of Ural manufacture at the factory in the town of Irbit , Siberia:


Due to the huge success of the M70, in 2013 Ural offered a sister model called the M71:

And finally, the present day 2018 Retro which is a truly noble machine:
retro_le_black_01.jpg retro_le_black_02.jpg retro_le_black_03.jpg retro_le_black_04.jpg retro_le_black_05.jpg

The following accessories are mounted on this model , which are not standard

  • Chrome mirrors
  • Stainless steel luggage rack on rear fender (standard model equipped with black luggage rack fitted with removable small passenger seat )
  • Chrome crash bar on the front of the sidecar
  • Sidecar windscreen
  • Jerry can in stainless plus jerry can holder
  • Chrome luggage rack for sidecar boot  lid
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