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Pustinja - Limited Edition 2007

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The limited Ural edition 2007 is born:

"Pustinja" is the Russian word for "desert"

100% no chrome on this bike, everything is kept in this dirty yellow-grey-brown. Once can say, the bike is ugly but the bike is definitely not unfunctional. The Ural Pustinja is fitted with attributes, which are really useful when you want to drive in the deserts of this world:

  • Engageable Two-Wheel-Drive and reverse gear as well.
  • Four units knobbly tires - made in Germany by Heidenau - The best possible tires for Ural combinations.
  • On the front of the sidecar is mounted a steel box: Water-, sand-, dust-, snowresistant and you can protect value things in it, because the box is lockable.
  • On the back of the sidecar there fit a first aid box and a canister for carrying various liquids.
  • The bike has a search light for sending SOS for example.
  • The rack carrier above the spare wheel is not worth for extra pointing out, Ural is famous for its big load capacity anyway.

There is only one problem: The Pustinja will be built only in 35 units.

End of September the Pustinjas will be delivered to some special authorized Ural dealers. So hurry up to contact your Ural dealer to catch one Ural Pustinja.

See you soon in the sand deserts, stone deserts, asphalt deserts, ice deserts, snow deserts, city deserts, salt deserts, cold deserts, foggy deserts, windy desert, Mars deserts, water deserts?, coast deserts, dry deserts of this world!

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