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Generation EFI

Generation EFI


2014 was the first year of „Generation EFI“ at Ural. In the USA the new models replaced the carburettor Urals immediately and radically already at the beginning of 2014. In Europe EFI Urals finally arrived at the end of 2014.

With the 2014 Ural revolution Ural is getting rid of the drum brakes, the carburettors and a few other technical relics from the 1950’s. Watch out, Ural is beaming itself into the present time!
Since April 2014 the Ural factory has delivered the sidecars with the following innovations.


Electronic fuel injection instead of carburettors

Sharper camshafts for a better torque

External oil filter Hydraulic steering damper

Disc brakes on all 3 wheels


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