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Anniversary Model M70

On 19th of November 1941 the first echelons with the manufacturing equipment pulled up to Irbit, a distant outpost on the eastern slopes of the Ural Mountains. Merely a month after the decision was made to evacuate the Moscow motorcycle plant from the capital. Ahead were long years of the Second World War. Relocated factory was to produce motorcycles for the Army to fight fascists. Thus the story of the Irbit Motorcycle Factory (IMZ) began.

The motorcycle was called M72. First units rolled off the production floor just a few months after the evacuation. Altogether approximately 9.500 motorcycles were built and in use throughout the war for mobile troops, reconnaissance detachments and to carry wounded.

It was women and children in the distant Siberian factory labouring relentlessly to supply the Front with the motorcycles that defeated the enemy. Like the people who built it, the motorcycles were rugged, resilient, undefeatable. Could have they imagined that 70 years later this factory would remain the only sidecar manufacturer in the world and Ural would become a cult motorcycle?

Since 1941 over 3 million motorcycles have been produced by the Irbit Motorcycles Factory.

On 19th of November 2011 we are celebrating the 70th anniversary of the IMZ-Ural factory and introduce Ural M70 Anniversary Edition.

M70_9.jpg M70_7.jpg M70_8.jpg M70_6.jpg M70_5.jpg M70_4.jpg M70_3.jpg M70_2.jpg M70_1.jpg

We dedicate it to the first M72 built in Irbit. We keep the details as close to the original as possible. We meticulously picked the paint for this model and the material for the tonneau cover. MG mount is installed on the sidecar to keep true to the military roots of the models used in the war. Interestingly, the red round IMZ badge did not appear on motorcycles until 1956.

While M70 keeps the aesthetics of the original M72, more importantly it brings to light the best kept secret of the Ural model line up – an extraordinary street sidecar motorcycle.
M70 comes equipped with 18” wheels, Marzocchi telescopic forks, Sachs shocks, four piston Brembo front disc brake. Plunger style frame, low clearance and low center of gravity make this model “grab” the road and handle like no other Ural. Not to mention the smoothest sidecar ride for the passenger!

M70 is available both as a solo and sidecar model.

The anniversary model Ural M70 will be available from November 2011 on, during year 2012 until the 19th of November 2012.

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