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Ural Transsib ТРАНССИБ
Limited Edition Modell 2018


In the sidecar of a Ural you travel as comfy as first class with the Trans-Siberian Railway.

Really! It's the literal truth. Time and again stories are told about passengers falling asleep in the sidecar on a long journey. On a well kept road and with a considerate driver the sonorous throbbing of the boxer engine, the gentle acceleration and deceleration of the Ural combination and the well sprung chassis of the Ural are conducive to a relaxed napping passenger in the sidecar.

With our limited edition model 2018 we want to show how much comfort there is in the puristic Ural sidecar


The Ural special edition Transsib is now available at your preferred European Ural retailer.

Please note: There are only 20 available.

Those of you who like just the best and buy only limited edition models of Ural shouldn't dally too long


Retro - Last Edition 2018


In 2003 the Ural  factory introduced the Retro model into its range of sidecars. It is the opinion of many Ural enthusiasts that this is the best model produced over the last 15 years.

However , 2018 will see the end of an era as the production of the Retro is to cease . WIth this in mind the Ural factory will supply about 70 units for the European market. before the end of the year.


Anyone who has been tempted to buy such a machine but not yet taken the plunge should hurry down to their Ural dealer now to place their order while stocks last!

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