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Fifth European Ural Meeting

30th August - 2nd September 2012


The Fifth European Meeting takes place in Aschach at the Danube again.

So note the date, and start to plan an interesting route to Austria.


This year we are celebrating an anniversary, for the fifth successive year Ural riders from all over Europe will be our guests in Upper Austria for the Ural meeting.
So we are really pulling out the stops to make sure this will be a great event.
One highlight of the meeting will be in the evening on Friday, 31st of August.
We have spared neither cost nor effort and engaged the Austrian/Russian band Russkaja.
You've never heard of Russkaja?

Russkaja is the beast of all Russian folkmusic bands, Russkaja are fat polka beats from Austria.
Composed of a bunch of talented folkmusic musicians with a rag-tag cultural background, Russkaja presents their postmodern version of Russian folklore and has a following throughout the whole of Europe, with thousands attending their concerts. Mind -blowingly frenetic, you'll be carried away by the energy. So get ready to dance, get ready to sweat!
Here Trash Metal meets Worldjazz and Funky Stuff hits Frank Zappa Rock. And all of that will happen at the Ural meeting! That will be one hot event!

Have a look: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4aGx4gsCV8o


To make sure that the participants of the Roadbook Rallye can do their job well rested after this hot night, we will move the start of the rallye from the crack of dawn to a Christian time at 8:00 to 9:00.

So let’s talk about the Roadbook rallye: It will take place the last time in the gentle hills of the “Mühlviertel”. We now practiced 5 years long on the comfortable hills north of the Danube. The next time we will go to the Alps. There, grown-up mountains await us. We are looking forward to these new challenges.

But this last time the „Mühlviertel“ again: As a farewell from this region we are putting together a „best-of” programme. We will combine the most enjoyable passages of the last 5 years to a round, not too difficult tour.


Of course we will also offer an alternative, ride-together tour on Saturday at 11:00 o’clock. This tour, guided by our mechanic Günter has developed to one of the most popular points of our meeting in the last years. We already lost some of our roadbook rallye participants to Günters tour.

Saturday evening we will make it snuggly, also in regard to the music, a contrast programme to Russkaja. Of course we will have a good kitchen during the meeting and we also will not suffer from being thirsty.


Always fascinating: Sunday morning at about 09:00 all of the participants are already gone. On the long road home in all directions in Europe.


We are looking forward to seeing alot of you at the Fifth European Ural Meeting!


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To finish we want to announce an important change of the European Ural Meeting:

From this year on we will organise the meeting only every second year. The Sixth European Ural Meeting will therefore take place on the first September weekend of the year 2014.
Why only every second year?

We are really very happy that Ural drivers come from very far to our meeting.
A journey 1000 and more kilometers to Austria is very time-intensive.
We do not want to overburden our guests. We also think that a break every second year is good for us as organiser.
We think that maybe the Ural Meeting will be more interesting if it does not take place every year. In addition we will also change the location in 2014. We will go to the Alps to the “Salzkammergut”


For all fans who do not understand that there will be no big meeting in 2013, we want to offer a small compensation:

In 2013 we will, for the first time, organise a winter meeting. In a really small and uncomplicated, but thereas more comfortable frame – in and around the tavern at the castle Prandegg in the “Mühlviertel” . http://www.taverne-prandegg.at/

Date: 1st until 3rd of February 2013. We must admit that that is really a stupid fixed date. A lot of winter motorcycle meetings take place at this weekend. The big famous Elefantentreffen, the already growing big Tauerntreffen and some others.
We want to go the extra mile, just for protest and offer exactly on this weekend a Ural meeting for winter drivers, an alternative for those who are looking for something different.
On the Castle Prandegg there is snow at the beginning of February and above all a guarantee for coldness. On the Prandegg there are marvelous places to put up a tent, we can also sleep in the gallery or the guestroom of the tavern. In the surroundings of Prandegg there are also some cheap rooms.

We will definitely undertake a severe winter ride. We know all the loop ways in the area. There is no flat spot in the whole region, there are piles of sweating adventures at our disposal. Sidecars without sidecar drive are of course very welcome to participate on the meeting, but will not be able to go with us on the Saturday ride. We do not want to tell more about the meeting now, but people who are interested should note the date.

Here some images of the meeting place during winter:

eurotreff2012_winter1.jpg eurotreff2012_winter2.jpg
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