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Epilog to the Fifth European Ural Meeting 2012.


We do not want to talk so much about the weather. It only rained once, continuously  from Thursday evening until Saturday in the afternoon ; a steady, intense, calming rain, without a break. Crazy how some of the participants arrived on Friday evening, soaking wet, after hours of driving in the pouring rain.
It is no surprise that about one third of the registered drivers did not even leave home, which meant we  only had about 200 people on the meeting this year.
But the fans were really rewarded for their efforts.
It is good that we had hired  the Schopperplatz in Aschach on the Danube, a 1.600 sq. meter wood hall which is dry and full of atmosphere - the heart of our meeting.
On Friday evening when Russkaja gave their concert, it was quite hot inside. Around 100% of the participants ensured us that Russkaja were simply fantastic and that they had never experienced such a professional and compelling band on a motorcycle meeting.
Yes it is clear we know that Russkaja is the perfect choice for a Russian motorcycle meeting, that is why we picked them. Unfortunately we can only afford such a perfect band every 10 years. So regarding the music, we hope that on the future Ural meetings we will not always be compared to this Fifth European Ural Meeting.

Much apprehension at the start of the roadbook rallye. In the roadbook there are some difficult offroad passages. Because of the bad weather that was forecasted we cancelled 2 offroad passages, which are already difficult when the ground is dry. Still a few challenging  drive ups and downs remained as the ground was soaked from the continuous rain.

They plugged and plowed, while clutches and sidecar drivers were crucified, especially the brave ones who participated without sidecar drive; they  had a really big fight. The rally is extremely long.  A 200 km course, 15% of the tour off road. However almost all of them finished the rally, tired, but happy and proud .
Only 2 breakdowns: one broken final drive at the beginning and one who failed on the slope because of missing sidecar drive and missing capacity (650 cc) in combination with – dare we say – an overweight and push lazy sidecar driver!   

About 30 sidecars had a much more comfortable drive   deciding to take Günters guided tour along the Danube to the Restaurant Draxler in Niederranna. There was a little fog, but the slight rain did not hurt anybody.

Sunday morning of meeting is always fascinating – how at 9 in the morning everybody has left. And how irritating – on Sunday in the morning the sun is out. All the particpants have the best conditions for driving home.

A big thank you to all our helpers, who did a great job before and during the meeting, so that the meeting was really sucessful.
The Sixth European Ural Meeting will take place on the first or second weekend of September in the year 2014...... URAAAAAALLLLLLL!


Day to day work when preparing the roadbook rallye.
While searching for interesting routes for the rallye you can also find many deviations.


Painful navigation of the topography of the Mühlviertel.



A barrier made of  a 10 rows of Euro-palletts had to  be crossed.
And? So what!


The euro-palletts are 120 cm wide, the gauge of a sidecar is also 120 cm wide. Participants had to drive over the palletts with all 3 wheels. This only worked if they  drove razor like with the wheels on the edge of the palletts. An additional difficulty was the Ural outfit: it was an
English version with a lefthand sidecar chair. The outfit had to be started with the kick start. Almost nobody succeeded in getting the highest amount of 10 points.


Even driving up on to the palletts without a ramp is extremley difficult, and to hold the gauge over the length of 10 palletts (=8 meter) is also not easy.

So, as different plastic parts of the Ural started  to melt because of overheating, we rescued  the english outfit from the pain. 1/3 of the participants attempted this challenge with their own outfits.


Roadbook Rallye


Three Italian sidecar outfits make a perfect team.
Here we are here on page 12 of the rallybook between the first and second picture. A steep grass slope had to be traversed, but the grass was wet and deep from the
continuous rain. With help from each other all 3 outfits were pushed up the hill.


As ever, the ford is a popular obstacle in the roadbook rally. Eyes shut and here we go!





Many of the participants experienced this band for the first time. We were really happy about the great reception the band were given and the enthusiasm of the audience. The band also enjoyed it. UUURAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLL


Genossin Generalin Birgita


On her triumph ride during the song „Psycho Traktor“ During this legendary Russkaja song  audience  participation is obglitaroy. For  the Ural meeting, the Ural outfits are of course also on the dance floor.

Tremendous fun!

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