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Ural Sidecars

Ural Classic

Ural cT

2018 Ural factory ended production of its most beautiful Ural model Retro. Unfortunately. But already in 2019 was a replacement for Retro born, we name this new model „Classic“

The Classic builds flat, it runs on 18“ wheels. The chassis of the sidecar comes from model Retro and therefore it has less ground clearance and is little bit broader compared to models Tourist/Sportsman/Ranger. Also front telescopic fork from Marzocchi was taken from model Retro. So the Classic is an Almost-Retro.

Ural cT

Ural cT

The new Ural cT is an evolution from the Ural Model T. Basic idea of the T:
1.    Stripped down to allow for easy customization.
2.    Very attractive price for still a lot of motorcycle with sidecar.
Now the new Ural cT is designed for easy handling for new sidecar riders.
The cT is lower and lighter than previous models, creating a bike that's easier to handle and faster through corners. It has 18 inches wheels with Heidenau K28 street tires, the sidecar chassis is a little bit lower and a little bit wider.
We've taken the utility of the sidecar and perfected it for the pleasure of daily riding. Designed to take you effortlessly from a weekend getaway to school drop-off's, the cT has been designed for life's everyday adventures.

In 2019 the cT is available in 3 different colours:

  • Black metallic with silver rims and some chrome parts.
  • Azur, this is a light matt blue with black rims, without any chrome.
  • Terracotta, this is warm glossy finish, also with black rims and without any chrome.


Ural T TWD

Ural T

Ural introduces a low priced basic sidecar model – The Ural T TWD
Many details of the Ural motorcycle with sidecars have been continuously improved over the last few years.
Of course, this investment in quality has lead to an increase of the retail price.

Now there is a new Ural with sidecar at lower rate, the Ural T TWD.

The lower price has been achieved by reducing the equipment levels to only what is necessary in the same way as Henry Ford did with his Model T.



Looking for a motorcycle with a sidecar that won't break the bank? The Tourist fills the bill. Equipped with leading link forks, both electric and kick start, electronic ignition, and a roomy trunk, this rig is an affordable way to enter the world of sidecar motorcycling!



Looking for a bike that can travel those snow-covered roads like no other? Look no further. In a class by itself, the Sportsman is the only motorcycle in the world manufactured with an on-demand sidecar drive. This street legal ATV gives you the ability to switch between single-wheel drive and the unbelievable traction of dual-wheel drive with the flip of a lever!

Ranger, a motorcycle for urban cowboys


The coating: matt. Always matt. In different shades, but guaranteed no chrome – definitely not shiny. A huge advantage as the rider is relieved of endless hours of polishing to keep the machine looking good – it ALWAYS looks good!

Scud, Pershing or Kalaschnikov are not included in the specification, although up until 2006 there was at least a holder for these toys on the sidecar boat; it was also useful for the fishing rod on the salmon hunt in Norway. This device fell victim to the Russian export restriction of military equipment.

Cross / Cross TWD


Ural motorcycles have evolved slowly and steadily since their birth in 1941. Major changes do not happen often, but about every 10 years there are noticeable technical improvements including 12 volt electrics, better lighting, improved braking, more power, and reverse gear.


During all of this development the shape and style of the sidecar body has not changed.


The introduction of the all new “Ural Cross” sidecar body, developed by the European distributor is truly revolutionary. The “Ural Cross” sidecar has been developed as a result of customer demand in Europe for more focused adventure motorcycle. A sidecar capable of carrying more varied loads over rough terrain, snow covered mountains and even competing in amateur off road competition....

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