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Medienberichte aus Amerika

Minnesota Motorcycle Monthly #73 Mar, 2005
IMZ URAL PATROL - Motorcycle/Sidecar Combination
Motorcycle Consumer News Mar, 2005
Ural In Canada Ural Right
Cycle Canada Mar, 2005
MMM Goes On Patrol - The IMZ-Ural Patrol
Minnesota Motorcycle Monthly #71 Oct/Nov, 2004
 Article about Ural Gear Up, Troyka and Wolf CHARGE! THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING
© Road Bike July/Aug 2004
Ural Troyka Ural Troyka - A three-wheeled carrige
Road RUNNER July/Aug 2004
Gear-up motorcycle shown in issue of motoeuro magazine during offroad adventure Moto-Euro On Assignment
Moto-Euro Magazine, winter 2003 issue

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