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Besucher bei Ural Motorcycles Europa


Wir haben als Ural Zentrale für Europa immer viele Besucher, Ural Fans, Ural Reisende aus aller Welt.

Seit Ende 2012 sind wir im Betriebsgebäude in Marchtrenk zu Hause.

Seit Ende 2012 führen wir ein Gästebuch, jeder Besucher ist eingeladen sich hier einzutragen:



Summer 2015

41 countrys with Ural sidecar

We receive letter of Michai, who stopped at our place during his great trip with his family:


Dear Hari,


I hope you remember us, the Romanian family riding the Ural through Europe. We just got home two days ago, after our Ural took us through 41 countries, for four months, 28.000kms. I just want to thank you for your help during all this time! I'm glad to be part of the Ural family. The bike handled it greatly, except for the problems that you know of (the cracked rim and the 2wd-drive shaft). Attached you have a map of our route and a family picture of us, in Morocco, Sahara desert.


Thank you again for all your help!



41 Countrys with Ural

October 2014, Laurie and Vitali

We are Laurie Bernard (France) and Vitali Borovski (Russia), and we visited Ural Europe in October 2014 to celebrate our second anniversary.  We first met thanks to Ural motorcycles and to Hari personally.  Two years ago a French TV channel contracted Laurie for a documentary film about her riding a Ural from Moscow to Irbit.  Hari asked Vitali to support the French TV crew: that’s how Laurie and Vitali met each other.  We never had any doubts as to how we want to celebrate our anniversary: ride a Ural, of course!  Hari was so kind to lend us a fuel injection Retro sidecar, and we had a wonderful two days trip to the mountains south-west of Marchtrenk. 

Thanks, danke, merci, spasibo!

Marchtrenk 1.JPG 180209486.jpg 180209453.jpg 180209448.jpg 180209445.jpg 180209444.jpg

September 2014


Dietmar aus Dresden beehrt uns mit seinem Wolf-Gespann.

Eines der wenigen die noch im Einsatz sind.

April 2014


Zac und Oliver aus Frankreich schauen bei Halbzeit ihrer 40.000km Reise rund um Europa auf ein kleines Service bei uns vorbei.


Ihrer tollen Reise können wir hier auf Ihren Blog folgen.

September 2013


Viacheslav Butchevich, Harley Davidson owner from Moscow, joined Faaker See Meeting first September weekend 2013.


As Viacheslav is a respectable man he fully understands how to appear adequately on this mega motorcycle event.

While most of his friends fly to Austria, rent a Harley Davidson, and so drive to Faaker See, Viacheslav rides to Carinthia with his Ural. All the way from Moscow to South of Austria and on the way back home he visited us.

5. Februar 2013


Hans und Bernhard aus Deutschland auf Ural Sportsman und Ural Cross schauen auf einen Sprung vorbei auf der Rückreise vom Ersten Ural Wintertreffen auf der Burgruine Prandegg. Beide decken hier den Ural T-shirt und Ural Jackenbedarf für die nächsten Jahre ab.

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