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Ural Sportsman

Looking for a bike that can travel those snow-covered roads like no other? Look no further. In a class by itself, the Sportsman is the only motorcycle in the world manufactured with an on-demand sidecar drive. This street legal ATV gives you the ability to switch between single-wheel drive and the unbelievable traction of dual-wheel drive with the flip of a lever!




The Sportsman in black with white lines is the most wanted Ural version. Clear straight classic Russian design.
Our picture shows accessories (surcharge): Windscreen in the sidecar, two tractor seats as equipped until model year 2016


This marvelous Sportsman in metallic light brown has following accessories (surcharge):
Windscreen in sidecar, chrome mirrors, chrome luggage racks on sidecar nose and sidecar fender, chrome protection bar on sidecar


This Midnight blue metallic Sportsman has some accessories (surcharge) and following changes in standard outfit:
Windscreen in sidecar, protection bar on sidecar, search light, black rims and shock absorbers instead of silver and chrome.




Metallic Sportsman model years 2015 until 2017:

Green metallic:

 Grey metallic:

Burgundy metallic:


Colors for model year 2005-2014:

sportsman_01.jpg sportsman_02.jpg sportsman_07.jpg sportsman_04.jpg sportsman_03.jpg sportsman_06.jpg sportsman_05.jpg
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